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Are you looking for Botox and fillers near you in Plainfield IL? Visit Absolute Integrated Med Spa at 16310 S Lincoln Hwy #132, Plainfield, IL 60586. We are open 5 days a week!

Botox in Plainfield, IL

For about 20 years now, Americans have been seeing the benefits of Botox®. The procedure is popular for many reasons: it’s safe, simple, and also amazingly effective at taking years off of a patient’s face. And over the last several years, Botox has become much more affordable and accessible. For Botox near you in Plainfield IL, come to your local Botox clinic here at Absolute Integrated Med Spa.

Do I need a consultation before Botox?

Yes, it’s necessary to have a consultation before getting Botox treatments. It’s necessary because a practitioner needs to know about your aesthetic expectations, and how much Botox to administer so you can achieve your expected results. Also, there are minimal risks and minor side effects to Botox treatment, so it’s important that you understand them beforehand. The practitioner also needs to understand your medical history before he or she can approve Botox treatments.

Patients won’t need to go through a significant screening process, but it’s still important to have a consultation to make sure your medical and aesthetic needs will be met. Here at Absolute Integrated Med Spa, our professionals are fully qualified to screen for and perform Botox procedures.

How long does Botox last the first time?

After an initial treatment, patients can expect to see some results within 3 to 5 days, and full results after 2 weeks. Botox can provide dramatic final results. Most patients are satisfied with their results, and with Absolute Integrated Med Spa, we’re sure you’ll be more than satisfied.

The results of the first treatment will wear off a bit faster than results of subsequent treatments, but after several treatments, results will begin to last for 4 to 6 months! After multiple treatments, the effects will last longer and longer, with a steady increase in effects. Results vary, but our professionals will help you come up with realistic expectations during a consultation with us.

How often should you get Botox?

Botox works by temporarily blocking the full function of nerves in the area of injection. The effects aren’t permanent, so additional treatments are necessary. Generally, injections every 4 to 6 months will work for most patients.

With regular treatments, the effects will last longer and any facial imperfections will become less and less pronounced. Also, for some patients, their facial muscles will eventually begin to train themselves to contract less. This can prolong effects even more.

All of this depends on the patient, the facial conditions being treated, the significance of those conditions, and more. It’s important to have a proper consultation with a proper professional to ensure that you have an effective, long lasting treatment plan! With our professionals here at Absolute Integrated Med Spa, you’ll absolutely have the advice you need for the perfect treatment plan.

Where can I get Botox near me in Plainfield, IL?

Absolute Integrated Med Spa is your local Plainfield Botox provider. We’re conveniently located over at 16310 S Lincoln Hwy #124, Plainfield, IL 60586. You can reach us at (815) 201-8149 during normal work hours, and we’d love to speak with you for any reason. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have about Botox, or to book you in for a consultation! Give us a call or book with us online.

We are excited to meet you and help you with your aesthetic goals here at Absolute Integrated Med Spa!

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