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Dermabrasion Treatment in Plainfield, IL

Improve the appearance & health of your skin with dermabrasion treatment. Call our office today at (815) 201-8149 or schedule an appointment online with one of our professional staff. Our med spa is conveniently located at 16310 S Lincoln Hwy #132, Plainfield, IL 60586.

Dermabrasion Treatment in Plainfield, IL

Dermabrasion is the removal of dead skin cells to reveal the healthy ones underneath. The name is self-explanatory: derm — relating to the skin, and abrasion — the process of scraping. Millions of dermabrasion procedures are performed every year, and that means millions of satisfied people have rejuvenated skin.

How long does dermabrasion take to heal?

Dermabrasion has been used for a very long time as a way to sand down the skin. The goal of dermabrasion is to help heal scars by stimulating the growth of new skin in the area. The new skin is produced by promoting new cells from the bottom layer of the skin. When the epidermis is removed this allows for the younger cells to surface and build it up again. This new skin appears younger, smoother, and healthier. The procedure is very beneficial for mild irregularities caused by cancer surgery, acne scarring, or abnormal growths like a rhinophyma.

It should only be performed by a professional with proper training as it is a technically challenging procedure. The healing of dermabrasion depends on how deep the dermabrasion goes into the skin. Healing times can vary from 5 days to 6 weeks. Meticulous cleaning is essential to avoid infection and further scarring during the healing period.

How do you treat skin after dermabrasion?

Below are some precautions that should be taken after receiving a dermabrasion treatment:

  • Avoid makeup
  • Drink water and get plenty of rest
  • Observe the skin closely for signs of scarring or infection
  • Avoid sun exposure for extended periods of time and use a strong sunblock
  • For the first month, avoid swimming pools or water that contains chlorine

Be sure to take good care of your skin after this extensive procedure as the final results of dermabrasion are largely determined by diligent aftercare.

What types of dermabrasion are available at your med spa?

Microdermabrasion is a unique treatment that works to remove dead skin and debris with the use of crystals and vacuum suction while also stimulating collagen production.

Microdermabrasion is not only a desirable option to treat acne and the signs of premature aging, it is also an excellent maintenance treatment for normal skin. Monthly treatments can put you back in control of your skin if you suffer from acne.

Hydrodermabrasion is a painless and non-invasive procedure and is different from microdermabrasion mainly because it does not use any crystals. The handheld tool helps to reduce wrinkles, improve skin texture, boost blood flow, add hydration to the skin, and minimize pores with the use of oxygen and a saline solution.

Unlike microdermabrasion procedures, hydrodermabrasion evenly exfoliates the skin by using a diamond-tip wand with an abrasive disc instead of spraying tiny crystals. If not vacuumed up properly, the tiny crystals would sometimes leave tiny remains on the skin which could cause damage. This technique won’t damage your epidermis or irritate your skin.

The hydrodermabrasion procedure may be better suited for people with sensitive skin. Also, microdermabrasion can worsen certain skin conditions like blotchiness and acne, in which case hydrodermabrasion would be preferred. However, for people who desire smoother, fresher-looking skin, microdermabrasion is still a safe and pain-free treatment.

If you or someone you know is in need of skin rejuvenation, come to Absolute Integrated Med Spa! Our team of kind and caring staff can help you look your best! To talk with an expert, contact our office today. Visit us online or give us a call to schedule an appointment at our clinic.

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